Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Tempora sessions...

Now that Tempora, the barge which I'm restoring is safely back at her mooring in Bristol harbour, my friends at Floating Harbour Studios have completed the session they filmed for me, with the final song now online at youtube.

The song is a kind of mix of two songs -
the verse lyrics are from 'The Fall' by Peter and the wolf and the chorus lyrics are edited from 'And Fold' by The Hand, the duo I play in with Rachael Dadd, to fit with Red's desert-like post-apocalyptic vision instead of ours which was flooded.

Red's just finished his first novel and you can check out his latest music project here:
Traffique's endless weekend mixtape

Here are the videos of the Tempora session:

Sunday, 10 March 2013

A mix a week...

I've decided to start making mixes because I want to do something productive with my immense music collection!

So I'm aiming for one a week - possibly becoming more like a radio show at some point.

Last weeks mix was Japanese musicians I met whilst on tour,
this week is an eclectic mix of Kora music from both West Africa and Europe...
Please listen and share the mixes if you like them...